Anya – The Palms

Anya is still one of my favourite MPL Studios models, that’s why these palm trees are one of the most beautiful palm trees I have ever seen!

Cherry Petite

Cherry Petite is a Canadian model, and she really knows how to have a drink or two. Now Cherry Petite is not a simple country girl, oh not at all. She is a sexy lioness that loves sex, and apparently she likes harder stuff too. We should really check that info.

Izolda – Superfine


Izolda is still a supergirl, and she is superfine in this set, although the background is not quite friendly, Izolda is superfriendly, and supercool! Am I the only one who thinks she has lips like Keira Knightley??? Whoops, I meant to say: superlips 🙂



Autria is a cutie from Eva’s Garden, and she is trapped in a cage. We think she is so cute, that she must be kept in a cage, and if released, men would kill each other for her.
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Monika, oh Monika! You have the biggest ball ever! Just check out her gallery, and you will see her huge ball… I mean sphere. What do pretty girls like Monika play with such huge balls? Well, they can call the dead spirits, they can try to kick it, and maybe sit on it. I choose the third answer!



Desiree likes adventures, and she really likes wild cherries. One time she went out to the highest mountains, and she saw this wild cherry bush. In no time she ate all the cherries, and got really sick, but a doctor was walking nearby, and he cured her, with his cold … stethoscope!

Perla – Shadow play


Perla (also known as Dorothy Bank) – Who would you rather play with, the shadow, or the girl (Dorothy)? Although the shadows are really beautiful in this set by Eva’s Garden, it’s because Perla’s gorgeous body made them, and thus it’s not a mere shadow anymore, it is a genuine piece of art!