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“Who’s this naughty blonde princess who disregards what etiquette suggests and disrobes herself in front of others? Her name is Anita, if you want to know, and she’ll surely be the queen of our heart in no minutes… especially after seeing her bare naked! That lusty, near-perfect natural body of hers was made to be admired!”

Anita Pearl – time travel

Anita 1Anita Pearl 2Pearl 3

Anita is a secret agent from the future, but was caught by the federal agents. She even had a weapon of mass destruction on her, which was a shiny object made of glass, and had a shape of a dildo. After using her futuristic gun, the agents just had to let her go away…

Anita Pearl

Anita PearlAnitaA_P

Anita Pearl is a hot, young model from Hungary. She is an upcoming glam model, and has since now done solo and lesbian scenes.