Anya – The Palms

Anya is still one of my favourite MPL Studios models, that’s why these palm trees are one of the most beautiful palm trees I have ever seen!

Anya – Modest Beginnings

Winter is knocking on the door, but this set by MPL Studios featuring the one and only Anya, made me think it is summer outside, I am on the seaside, on a yacht to be more precise, and on the shore there is an Angel, whose name is Anya, and she is calling me, so I leave my yacht, and all my previous life, and they lived happily ever after…

Anya – Inspiration Eternal


Anya is always welcome, and she does give us male viewers eternal inspiration. Inspiration to work, to live, and to survive all this shit happening around us.

Anya & Sarah – Paradise


One day we will day, and will go to heaven, and we all already know, what to expect there: Anya and Sarah, who just wrote us a postcard from Paradise. Is it a paradise on earth, or in heaven? I do hope earth, and in the future we do hope to see much much more of these two genuine angels.