Anya – Modest Beginnings

Winter is knocking on the door, but this set by MPL Studios featuring the one and only Anya, made me think it is summer outside, I am on the seaside, on a yacht to be more precise, and on the shore there is an Angel, whose name is Anya, and she is calling me, so I leave my yacht, and all my previous life, and they lived happily ever after…

Louise Glover

Louise Glover is Twistys current babe of the month. and I’m sure you all agree, she deserves this title. But what does she say about herself? “I’m an old fashioned girl. I like to be romanced. I look for honesty, humour, and spontaneity in a man. I need someone who will trust and support me. Although I’m straight, I think women are beautiful, what isn’t there to like about them? I’m a one man women, and when I’m with that one I am very passionate. “

Liala – Unbuttoned


How would you describe Liala? I’d say, she is the ultimate cuteness, the most precious jewel in the crown, in the galaxy of the most beautiful babes. I’m sure I’m close in describing her…



Amelie is a sweet girl, and she really does her best to seduce us. She is trying next to the bed, on the bed, from behind, with the help of pillows, but all she needs to do is smile, and all mankind will obey her, no questions ask!

Orsi – Fashion


Orsi is amazing Hungarian model, and in the Hegre-Art set called Fashion, she shows us, why she is one of the best models of She is just naturally beautiful, and we really adore her!


Slava 1Slava 2Slava

Slava (among other meanings) means Holiday in slavic langages, and presenting this girl, I just feel, we all should take a day of and wonder, what holiday suits her best.



Michell is a model for Eva’s Garden, and she really rocks! Not only she rocks, she is in front of a huge rock, though it can not be always seen from her beauty.

Missy Nicole

Missy Nicole1NicoleMissy 3

Missy Nicole is a real next-gen glam babe with a huge necklace. That necklace touches almost every part of her hot body, and that is just awesome!


LucieLucie 2Lucie 3

Today we are showing you Lucie, who is a young model for met-art. She has very deep eyes, so beware, she may consume you in no time!