Martina & Vlada – Kiss The Rain

It is fall, and there are many rainy days, yet I never thought, rain can be as sexy, as here in this set featuring two gorgeous babes, Martina and Vlada. All I can do is sing “kiss the rain”, and hope I’ll be every raindrop that falls on these wonderful creatures.

Albina – Suspend

How can a simple, plain rope be sexy? Put Albina next to it, let her play with it, and you have a new perspective in front of you, that a rope can indeed by sexy!

Trisha Brill

Trisha Brill is somewhere far far away, and she is cute as always. It is a very hot day, and stripping is the only way to survive the heat. Not only stripping, but a huge, ice-cold dildo; who needs A/C any more?

Anya & Sarah – Paradise


One day we will day, and will go to heaven, and we all already know, what to expect there: Anya and Sarah, who just wrote us a postcard from Paradise. Is it a paradise on earth, or in heaven? I do hope earth, and in the future we do hope to see much much more of these two genuine angels.

Cindy Hope

Cindy 1Cindy Hope 2Hope

Cindy Hope is a nurse. Man, I feel bad, I think I am sick, I want to go to the hospital. I want Cindy to be my nurse just for one day, and that can indeed be the last day of my life. Cindy, I love you!!!